Tips for Outdoor Winter Events

November 19, 2018

winter events set up

Winter events create photogenic backdrops with high contrast and imagery, but it can also create challenges to keep the attendees of your event warm and comfortable. Below are some pointers to make your next outdoor winter event a success and enjoyable for you and your attendees.

Decorate to make your event space feel warm.

Adding fur or candles can make your event space feel warmer and cozy when your attendees are attending an outdoor event. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting next to a warm fireplace. If having a real fire isn’t feasible, a faux fire with heaters can create a similar atmosphere.

winter events interior

Provide heating.

Creating a space for your attendees to escape the cold can also be very important. Consider renting heating lamps or portable heaters for the event. If you have a larger frame or pop-up tents at your winter events, you can consider having central heating. If you are in the outdoors, fire pits are also a great option as they create heat as well as light and give your event and outdoorsy feel.

Provide a warming menu

What you serve at your event gives you the chance to offer your guests warming options. Serving items like hot chocolate and soup is an easy way to keep your attendees warm and comfortable, so they stay around longer. If you decide to have fire pits at your event, marshmallows, smores and hot dogs that can be cooked over the fires not only keeps your attendees warm but is an interactive way to keep them engaged while at your event.

Hand-outs that help battle the cold.

Everybody likes free handouts when at an event. This gives the opportunity to keep your guests warm and stay around longer. Things like hand warmers, balaclavas and hats/gloves make excellent giveaways at an outdoor winter event because they will most likely be used right away!