DIY Canopy Weights for your Pop-Up Tent

October 18, 2018

Canopy weights are an essential part of every set up from pop-up tents to inflatables. When not adequately secured your canopy can easily become air born, especially if you have partial side walls attached, and be a hazard to attendees and property of your event. To avoid this situation, it is important to weigh your tent down at each foundation with canopy weights.

Canopy weights can be used in any situation from grass to pavement. The recommended weight for a 10×10 pop-up tent is about 40 pounds per leg, but this is subject to change depending on the conditions the shelter is being used. If you are in a heavy wind area, we would recommend more weight per leg.

When purchasing your tent we do offer a variety of weights, but if you are not local to our shipping area the added weight of 4, 40-pound weights to your order can make your shipping costs higher than desired. So what is the solution to this? DIY canopy weights made from supplies you can pick up from a local hardware store.

PVC Pipe Canopy Weights

PVC Pipe Canopy Weights

Use four sections of PVC pipe and fill them with concrete. This also gives you the option of how much weight you want per leg as if you want a heavier weight you use a longer section of pipe. When the PVC pipe is filled with the desired weight of concrete, you can place end caps on the ends with an eye bolt at the top to attach your rope. PVC pipes are available in a variety of colors so you can even make your weights match your branding!

Large Bucket Canopy Weights

Large buckets give you the ability to weigh down your canopy tent in locations with heavy winds. A 5 Gallon bucket filled with sand or water is an ideal amount of weight per leg (42lb per leg). This option also reduces your weight for transporting as you bring them to your event empty and fill them on site. The less desirable side to using buckets is they visually look less impressive at your event. A custom printed cover can be purchased to keep things visually pleasing.

Dumbbell or Cinder Block Canopy Weights

A popular but less advised option you see many vendors doing at markets is using dumbells. The positive point of dumbells is you know how much weight you have if the dumbbell says 40lb you have that much weight per leg. The negative aspect of this option is the aesthetics. If you are going for a professional and visually appealing look for your booth, this might not be the best option for your brand.

Cement Block Canopy Weights

cement block canopy weights

If you are setting up a larger structure like a 20’x20′ pop-up tent or inflatable, you will likely need more weight than PVC pipe or buckets can offer. In this situation, you might need to arrange large concrete blocks delivered for your event. Each of these blocks can weigh up to 2000 pounds and has a rebar loop to secure your ropes. For larger structures that have a large surface area to catch wind or are being left up for a long time, this is the most secure option.

Don’t forget; we also do offer weights and fillable weight bags that can be added to your order when purchasing your tent! If you have any questions about weights or any of our products, let us know through our contact page HERE.