Promoting your Company at Music Festivals

April 25, 2018

music festivals custom print

The snow is melting; the sun is coming out, and things are starting to warm up. The change in seasons means music festivals are fast approaching. Festivals are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and reach a broad audience of potential customers. Here are a few tips to make your marketing at festivals successful.

The Audience attending the Music Festivals

Knowing who attends a music festival is an essential step to be researched before beginning any campaign. Is the music festivals crowd the demographic you are trying to reach? An early 20s audience at an EDM event might be the wrong audience to promote a classic rock radio station, but might be the right place to introduce new technology for portable phone charging.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is defined as a “form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.” The goal is to create an emotional connection between attendees and the brand to build brand awareness. Giving the festival audience a memorable experience that associates your brand with the desired activity or emotion causes your target audience to have a sense of attachment to your brand. This attachment creates long-lasting memories and hopefully, in the end, achieves brand loyalty.

Custom Print

You should take advantage of every opportunity to brand the festival with custom print of your logos, branding and associated images related to your company. This is a great way to stand out compared to the average white canopies in a row you see in the vendor area. With printed pop-up canopy tents, event flags, banners, inflatable arches or dome tents everyone will look at your brand from near too far. You will also be in the backgrounds of everyone’s photos posted online for their friends to see. If you are interested in more info on any custom event products LP Tent offers everything you need to brand your company at events can be found HERE.


Social Media

That leads to the next tip. Involving social media into your presence at events gives attendees a direct opportunity to connect with your brand. Create contests, giveaways or incentives for following, sharing or posting content containing your branding, hashtags or tagging your account in their posts. Incorporating social media into your music festival marketing campaign increases your reach further than the attendees of the event to the people in their social networks.


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