5 Custom Branding Mistakes

April 17, 2018

Building your business and making it grow should be your biggest objective as an entrepreneur. Especially as a new or small business advertising can be intimidating. While the right promotion can expand your customer base and increase your profits, the wrong advertising can cost you opportunities and take away from your possible profits. Here is some advice for things to avoid when promoting your business with custom branding at events.


Custom branding event tents

Custom Branding Mistake # 1 – Too Busy


Too many logos, copy or graphics bunched into a small area becomes confusing to the eye, if your custom print looks like a collage people will see it as a confusing mess. They will not understand what product or service your business provides and why they should become your client. Whether it is on event flags, canopy tents or inflatables your message/branding should be clear and easy to understand within 3 seconds of looking at your set up.


Custom Branding Mistake # 2 – Too Empty


Here is the other mistake people make, not taking advantage of the branding area you are provided. A lot of the time you are already paying for a full sublimation so you should make sure your branding is clear from all angles. Valences/Peaks shouldn’t be left unbranded.


Custom Branding Mistake # 3 – Not Audience Specific


Is your show industry specific? For example, if you are going to an event at the race track, you could use a custom wall or backdrop to give your set up a race track feel. It can be expensive to get an entire canopy printed for every event. But you can have a standard branded top and get a wall or table covers with industry-specific selling points made for each event you attend.


Custom Branding Mistake # 4 – No Clear Message


This is a mistake a lot of companies make. Unless you are a well-known brand that people know what products/services you provide instantly by looking at your logo.  For example, if you are repairing windshields, put “WINDSHIELD REPAIR” in large letters on your canopy and flags so people can see from driving by and know what service you provide instantly when driving by.


Custom Branding Mistake # 5 – Not A Big Enough Presence


Investing a bit more into your presence at events can surprisingly bring back a bigger ROI than expected. Additionally, other than a custom canopy you can add branded table covers, flags, banners, arches and other inflatables can get your brand around the event as much as possible to make sure no one misses you.

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