8 Things to ask yourself before buying a Pop-Up Canopy Tent

April 11, 2018

You decided to get a pop-up canopy tent for shelter or to promote your business at events, but now you’re finding that picking the right one is more confusing than anticipated. There are a lot of factors in play when picking the right set up (frame material, custom print, wall options, accessories and more). Here are some tips for picking the right canopy tent for you.

pop-up canopy tents

1. What type of ground are you going to be setting up your pop-up canopy tent?

A canopies biggest enemy is the wind, and having your tent secured is necessary to have a shelter and not a kite. Being prepared for the type of ground you will be setting up on is a must. If you show up to an event with ground stakes and you are on pavement, you might have an issue. If you do not know what ground you will be setting up on, weights or weight bags are the best options as they are usable on grass or pavement.

2. How often are you going to be using your pop-up canopy tent?

How often you are going to be using your canopy tent is an excellent way to tell what type of quality you will need. If you are only going to be using it for a couple of events each year, you are probably okay with a basic steel canopy. If you take care of it, your canopy will still last you a few years. If you are planning to use it every weekend for an entire season, it is better to put in an initial investment on a better-quality tent than to have to buy a new one every season or be continually fixing a lower quality model.

3. How much space do you need?

If you are at an event or trade show, usually you have a set-out amount of space designated for set up. When planning how you will use the space, you will want your canopy to fit appropriately. Whether you are looking to shelter a 10×10, 10×20, 20×20 or another sized area, you will need to account for how many people will be entering your canopy or how many will need to be sheltered from the elements.

4. What weather conditions will your canopy tent be facing?

As said earlier, the wind is the biggest enemy to the canopy tent. If your event is in an area with hazardous weather like a ski resort or windy open area you will need to buy a canopy tent that will withstand these conditions. Each canopy model has a wind rating that can be seen on our comparison sheet HERE.

5. What accessories will you need?

Depending on where, when and how you will be using your pop-up canopy tent you might need some additional accessories for your set up. If you are setting up at night, you might need lighting. If you have products, you are displaying it would be good to have racks or grid to show everything.

6. Do you need additional branding to stand out?

Are you going to be at an event where you need to draw in a crowd? Custom event flags let attendees see your brand from a distance, banners, and fencing give you that extra area to have your logo and make sure no one misses you!

7. How many people will be setting up your canopies?

This one is important as if you are setting up your booth by yourself it might be better to get 2, 10×10 pop-up canopy tents with connectors and gutter than one 10×20 that would be hard to pop up solo. Luckily all pop-ups offered by LP are an easy set up with two people, and even a 20×20 can be put up in under 15 minutes by two people.

8. What regulations will you need to meet?

Are you going to be setting up indoors? Most of the time your canopy materials will need to be fire rated. Both polyester and PVC offered by LP is ULC-S109 & NFPA-701 rated with labels displaying so. Also, larger outdoor structures will need so many doors as fire exits, so that is something to think about when planning your wall options.

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