UV Print for Polyester and PVC Canopy Tents

March 15, 2018


UV Print machine

LP Tent is excited to announce UV print processing.

What is UV printing? UV printing uses a specialized ink that is exposed to ultraviolet light as it passes through the press. The ink then goes immediately from a liquid to a solid state without using any solvents. 

How is UV Print better?

1. Better quality print The quality of UV printing creates a durable product that will sustain repeated handling. Thanks to the UV process the finished product is more fade resistant and resilient to the elements.

2. Better color saturation UV printing is a solvent-free process, which means that the fabric does not absorb excess solvent. The absence of solvent residue translates into crisp images and vibrant colors. These vivid results and the bright and glossy finish of UV coatings will make your brand pop.

3. Better for your workplace and the planet. The UV process does not rely on solvents to dry ink, and it does not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere.

We are excited to move for forward with this process providing a more durable, vibrant and environmental product to the industry.

This print process combined with our superior quality frames will ensure confidence that your brand is being represented properly and create an impact in the field.

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