The PPAI Expo 2018

February 5, 2018

The PPAI Expo, promotional products industry, is a broad and vast industry. Every promotional business will get asked for a custom canopy from one of their clients. Usually, the custom canopy is treated just like another promotional item that given out and end up in some one’s drawer unless it is useful and rememberable. Usually, that means the purchase of a cheap, standard frame with a one color logo on the top that doesn’t represent the essence of the company it represents.

heavy duty pop up canopy tent

The PPAI Expo 2018 – Not, just another trade show in Las Vegas.

It was refreshing to meet the industry leaders at the PPAI Expo and find out that the leaders in the industry are looking for new and refreshing products and higher standards in the products that have gone unchanged for years.

There was a lot of interest in the “Closed System air tent pkg. With its appealing dome shape and stunning graphics with air furniture to match. It helps that the whole tent pkg. With air, furniture fits in a large size rolling duffle bag and can fit in the trunk of a car or accompany you on the plane.

When everyone sees the XP pop up canopy for the first time, they recognize the innovation of the accessories, but it’s not until we start doing chin-ups from the truss of the frame that people take notice. The XP (Magician) frame has a unique shape to its legs and truss that connect the walls and accessories but also makes it the strongest in its class.

the ppai expo 2018

It was great that leading professionals noticed the difference in the quality of the frames and print of the LP Tent products alongside the many fresh and fun items to see at the show like the custom Bobble Heads in the booth next to us. Supposedly you can get them life size. Who knew?

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