How to tie down your Pop-Up Tent in Winter

January 25, 2018

Pop-Up Tent Winter Security

As shown in the video above, the best way to tie down your pop-up tent in snowy winter conditions is to use snow cookies. These are purchased or made at home with plywood and rope. Once packed down or iced into the ground these have the resistance of hundreds of pounds and can withstand even the harshest winter conditions. Most ski resorts use this method for their events and also confidently use them to hold down their pop-up tents at the top of the mountain for long periods of time.

pop-up tent inflatable in winter

Other options to tie down your pop-up tent in winter

Sometimes you are on pavement or a surface you cannot dig into to use snow cookies. In this situation weight bags or weight, plates will be the best option. Additionally, you should secure your tent to a permanent fixture like a fence or building. Even if you attach one rope to a permanent fixture, it will stop the tent from sliding away in the wind.

After a certain point, winter conditions can risk event attendees safety. Some winds reach 60mph/100kn/h or more or heavy snowfall or freezing rain making event set up complicated. In these situations, you will always need to have at least one tiedown attached at all times. One big gust can send your tent flying and cause damage to property or event attendees. In high winds, it is best to have your pop-up tent with no walls to let the wind flow through or all four walls attached. With open ends especially facing the wind, a pop-up tent can be an easy wind catch.

At night, you should also have your tent completely open or with all walls attached, or if possible folden down to be re-setup in the morning.


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