Canopy Weights and Securing your Pop Up

January 16, 2018

An event tent is only as good as how well its anchored down with either canopy weights or ground stakes. A pop-up tent has a wind rating that gives you an idea of what that specific frame can handle regarding wind speeds. None of these classifications apply if you don’t have your tent anchored down appropriately for the venue.

10x20 canopy secured with pegs

When planning for your event consider the location and how much exposure there is to the elements. Take into consideration the ground conditions at the time. Is the grass or dirt soft or hard from recent weather? If the ground isn’t fit to use pegs, you need to use canopy weights.

When you’re on grass, dirt or gravel make sure your stake and rope kit is secure, the pegs won’t pull out of the ground, and the strapping system is in working condition and won’t break under load.

On asphalt or hard surfaces using canopy weights on each leg to make sure the tent can’t lift off the ground. We usually suggest 50 lbs per leg as a minimum depending on the size of your canopy.

The most common mistake made when setting up for an event is underestimating the elements. At any time an in the blink of an eye the weather can change, and a large gust of wind can make your event tent into a flying projectile before you know it.

It’s crucial to make sure that you are setting up your tent that you have it anchored on the windward side to be safe during set up. Then if your tent has specific anchoring points to make sure your ropes are connected and taught when attached to your ground stakes or weights. If your using stakes, make sure you insert at an angle and cant be pulled straight out of the ground.

canopy weights anchoring
When using weight, we suggest still using the rope and specific anchoring point on the tent as just sitting weights on top of the tent leg is not sufficient as the tent can shift in the wind and work its way free.

If the weather gets seriously dangerous and you must leave your tent open or take off any walls that you may have on the canopy and lower it as closest to the ground as possible remembering to tighten the anchor ropes.

Always stake and weight your tent when possible. If your not sure if your tent is adequately secured add more weight or extra stakes. You cant be too safe When it comes to creating a safe event space for your staff and event attendees.

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