Hay Truck vs Inflatable Finish Arch

January 12, 2018

It’s a good thing that the Tour Down Under chose an inflatable finish arch, or this incident could have turned out a lot worse.
truck hits inflatable arch
This newer style race arch is made of durable PVC material and can be on an open-air system that needs a constant fan and electricity or utilizing the innovation of closed air systems similar to those found on stand up paddle boards and other inflatable boats and products.

Inflatable Finish Line Safety

This type of race arch as you can see from the video is much safer than a steel truss race arch in this circumstance. I can’t imagine what may have happened to the gentleman sitting on the other side of the finish line arch when the truck hit it. You can trust the inflatable style race arch even if it is to come down for some reason will come down slowly and cause much less damage to person and property.
The inflatable arch is an excellent performance alternative to the steel truss structure saving time, money, and human resources for transport, storage, and set up.
Make your events as impactful and safe as possible for staff, participants and audience.
Click HERE to check out the video of this accident.

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