Temporary Custom Branding – Phototex

December 14, 2017

Custom branding is key to promoting your brand at events. Sponsors/Logos change per event and getting entire new material printed can be pretty costly. At LP Tent we provide a simple solution to this problem, it is called Phototex!

custom branding for events

Custom Branding – Phototex

Phototex is a reusable sticker for custom branding. It can be used for event names/logos, sponsors, collaborations or to cover previous logos that are not valid anymore. After your event, it can be taken off and re-applied to the backing to later use, folded up with the canopy to be used again, or discarded.

The phototex material can only be applied to PVC material as the polyester blend does not stick well. So if you are planning to use this form of custom branding you will have to order your canopy material accordingly.

The photo below shows showing an inflatable arch at a trade show. All the branding on this product is made out of phototex material, can you tell?

Custom branding phototex inflatable arch

If you are interested in more information or have quesitons about Phototex branding our sales staff would be ecstatic to answer any questions. Click HERE to go to our contact page.



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