Replacement Canopy Top – Polyester vs PVC

November 22, 2017

Looking for a replacement canopy for your existing tent frame? or are you looking for a completely new tent? Either way, you are probably wondering what canvas material will meet your needs and have the look you are desiring for your booth space.

10x10 replacement canopy top

Replacement Canopy Top – Polyester

Polyester is our standard material for our tops and walls of our canopies. It has a UV and waterproof coating so it is resistant to harsh weather and the elements. It is our lightest material at 300g/sqm and has a matte finish look to it. Most of our clients choose this material for how well sublimated print looks and doesnt shine or reflect light. Because it is a woven material, it can stain and mold if packed up with moisture. Also, even though it has a UV coating over wear/tear and exposure to the sun it can become faded over a couple years of use. For print, it can be sublimated or screen printed on a stock color.

10x20 replacement PVC top

Replacement Canopy Top – PVC

PVC is our other option for top and wall material. Our PVC is 380 g/sqm and 100% waterproof and UV resistant. This means that it doesn’t fade over years of sun exposure. Being 100% waterproof also means it doesn’t stain easily or mold when packed up with moisture. PVC has a higher resistant to harsh weather with these features and is used from beaches to the top of mountains. The only disadvantage of the PVC material is the shine it reflects in high light situations or sunny days as it has a glossy look to it some clients do not desire. For print, it can be digitally printed or screen printed on a stock color.

You can find more info on products and size using out materials on our product page HERE, also you can also visit our contact page HERE if you have any questions or concerns our sales staff can address and solve for you.

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