Inflatable Air Tents, Continuous vs Closed Air

November 7, 2017

Inflatable Air tents have been growing in popularity at events over the years. They stand out at events compared to traditional pop up canopy tents and are easy to set up and take down with 1-2 people. Air tents also have a high wind resistance and when secured properly withstand the elements better than the majority of steel frame canopies. But in the end, not all inflatables are the same.

Closed System Inflatable Air Tents

custom inflatable air tents

All inflatables offered by LP Tent are a closed system. This means that you only need a blower and power source to inflate the structure. Once it is inflated you just close the valve and you are set up. Benefits of this are you do not need constant running electricity. This reduces costs and there are not any loud blowers running at your event. There is also no risk of someone pulling a cord and causing the structure do deflate if it was continuous air.

Closed air systems also have a higher wind resistance and last longer as they are made of more durable material.

Continuous Air Inflatable Air Tents

Continuous inflatable air tents can be bought at a cheaper cost but you get the quality you pay for. These canopies need constant electricity to stay inflated. This means you need a power source or a generator to be constantly running. The only benefit of constant air is it lets you create more complex shapes like an inflatable car or animal. But as mentioned before, you need a blower running for your whole event that is usually loud and risk of losing electricity the structure deflating. In high winds, these structures usually blow flat as their fan doesn’t create enough pressure to combat high winds.

To learn more about inflatable air tents and the closed system air tents provided by LP you can click HERE to visit our Ringmaster page and get a quote.



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