Pop Up Tent Care & Maintenance

November 1, 2017

For your LP pop up tent to last long it will take care and maintenance. If you follow these rules your canopy tent should stay as fresh looking as possible to promote your brand.

custom 10x10 pop up tent

Storing your Pop Up Tent

  • When you are packing up your canopy tent it should always be dry and free of moisture for storing. If you have to pack up your canopy tent wet at your event, it should be hung to dry when you get home before being put away.
  • Always put your PVC carrying bag on your canopy for storage. This will help defend your canopy from being worn, ripped or stained from other items in your storage area.
  • If you use your canopy regularly it is convenient to leave it folded up with the top attached for ease of use. If you are going to be storing your canopy for a longer period of time it is better to remove the top, fold it nicely and store separate from the frame.

Cleaning your Canopy

  • In most cases a mild soap or detergent, scrub brush, and water is the best way to clean your pop up canopy.
  • Avoid scrubbing areas with print. This may damage screen print or dye sublimation.
  • We do not recommend using industrial washers, power washers or any other forms of cleaning that can damage the print or UV/waterproof coating on the canvas.
  • Seasonally, the frame should be checked for loose bolts, bent scissors that need replacing. At LP Tent we carry replacement parts for all our frames.

If you are looking for more info on pop up tents info and models can be found on our COMPARISON PAGE. If you are looking for additional information on cleaning maintenance or anything else our staff can be reached through our CONTACT PAGE.

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