How to set up a Canopy Tent

October 25, 2017

Setting up a canopy tent provides shelter from the elements, defines your space and if you have custom print on your canopy advertises your brand. The design of the scissors makes it easy to set up and secure your tent with one or two people within a couple of minutes.

Before leaving for the Event

Before you even pack up and head to the conference center or event location you should make sure you have everything you need for your set up. Making a checklist for every time you go to do a set up will ensure you don’t forget anything important. Do you have stakes? ropes? walls? you don’t want to arrive at your event ready to set up and realize important items are still in storage maybe hours away.

Finding an Area

You will most likely be assigned a booth or space for you to set up if you are at an event or trade show. You will likely need to find your set up location if you are setting up your tent in a park, street or outside of a store front. First, you will need to make sure you have enough room to set up your tent depending on the footprint of your canopy (10’x10′, 10’x20′, 20’x20′, etc), as well as enough height to not block your branding or damage the canvas.

Attach the Frame to the Canopy

Next step, you will want to secure your top to the frame. With one or two people expand the tent frame halfway, then unfold your top canvas and secure it to the frame with the velcro attachments inside the top and on the frame. Make sure to not tighten any velcro loops too tight as this can cause the canvas to rip if not attached perfectly.

10x20 pop up canopy tent

Fully Expand the Canopy Tent

Now it is time to expand and erect your tent. With two people it works best if you stand on opposite sides of each other and each grabs the frame by the scissors or “V” of the tent and walk backward expanding the frame. If you are setting up the tent as one person, and have some strength it expands easiest when you stand in the middle of the frame and lift it up letting all the legs expand at once. After the tent is expanded you will need to lock each corner in place and extend each leg to the desired height.

Weigh down each Corner

Your tent should never be left unattended while not tied down. If you are on grass or dirt ground stakes can be used to tie down. If you are on pavement or an unstable surface you will need other types of weights to secure your tent. The best options in this situation are sandbags, water weights, buckets filled with concrete or tie down to a permanent fixture like a tree or building.

Check the Canopy

Next, go around the canopy and inspect everything, tighten the tension so nothing and move, and make sure your top is on proper and even to display your brand. Make sure there are no rips or tears in the canopy and no bent or broken parts. A patch kit can be used if there are any tears in the canvas, or extra security might be needed if any trusses are broken or bent to temporarily fix your structure.

Following these steps should ensure a safe and secure set up for your event. When everyone else’s tents blow away due to extreme weather, you should be secure under yours!

If you have any additional concerns our sales staff will be happy to assist you with any questions on set up or info on what pop up canopy tent will best fit your needs. Click HERE to go to our contact page.


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